Flow Engineering changelog

Dark Mode and Current View Data Exports

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Dark mode

You can now use Flow in dark mode. You can find the toggle under Settings > Account > General > Enable Dark Mode.

Data Export from Current View

You can now run a data export (.csv) from the current view you're in. You can initiate the export under the 'Display' navigation item.

Table for Organization Requirements in System View

We've made it easier to view organisation requirements. Previously you could view these from the details panel, but now we have a dedicated table view that gives you better access to the properties of organisation-level requirements.

Minor updates

  • Flow now remembers the last visited project

  • We now allow unvarying from base configuration

  • Fix: epsilon3 link on integration page

  • Improved error messages when changing to Stage

  • Added count of the number of items in each table in System View

  • Ability to open requirements in a different tab on Ctrl+Click

  • We're now show a tooltip with a reason when drag and drop is not allowed

  • A link to a 'give feedback' page added. You can access this through the compass icon.

  • We've introduced a new support chat tool (Pylon), which helps make our support response times even better

  • We now show organization/project requirement tag on Requirement Details