Flow Engineering changelog

Native Google Sheets Integration

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Engineering runs on spreadsheets and Google Sheets has been by far and away the most requested Flow integration. You can now use Flow's Google Sheets integration to extract data from specific cells and check those values against your requirements.

To get started, connect your Google acccount with Flow (Settings > Integrations > Google). Once done, you can now bring any spreadsheet into Flow.

Flow's built-in data importer also now supports Google Sheets, allowing you to bring all your requirements into Flow within minutes.

Currently in closed beta. Reach out if you'd like to start using this.

Minor updates

  • Allow unsetting requirement type

  • Add border top to the first selected row in table view

  • Fix: Creating an aggregate doesnt calculate its value correctly

  • Add unit field to value creation form

  • Close slide over panel when archive change request approved

  • Fix: baseline items leaking into org level requirements

  • Reset search when clicking into a system

  • Persist system page after refresh

  • Allow setting tags via API

  • Fix: not able to update filter aggregates

  • Change wording on auto set to "completion"

  • Use change icon for change request notifications

  • Fix: System UUID displayed instead of name in RE view